Thursday, January 10, 2008

EYETOFUK - Just FukFukFuk Off

EYETOFUK - "Just FukFukFuk Off" [2007] Demo
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EYETOFUK crawled upon this slimy Earth as a one man project initialized by sex obsessed and alien possessed individual known as Xlip. Since there was no way for any other human to understand whats going on in the deep murky mind of Xlip, the most logical thing was to do it all by himself using unlimited possibilities of digital tools.

First sessions happened in Lithuania. This was a good place to create the first bunch of pulverizing, insanity driven, paranoia inducing songs ending into psychotic orgasmic blast beat debilitation. Using the similar cynical approach of the modern media, exploiting herd-like popullution. First demo released in 2004 "Wankfest 2666" goes straight for the guts, balls and pussies in the end corrupting the persons brain forever and turning her/him a whole lot more beautifully depraved creature.

In 2004 EYETOFUK has moved into the sleazy scumbag filled streets of London to promote the "Wankfest 2666". September 2005 saw the release of "4-Way Versus: Droppin' Shit Split" on Fecal Matter Discorporated Records which also included sick bands BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER (BUL), ABSURDGOD (JAP) and BAKANS (JAP).
Basically it is a re-mastered version of "Wankfest 2666" in a better package all way round.

2006 saw rejuvenated Xlip and after few inspiring orgies it was time to dig out EYETOFUK back to sleazy world of porn and drugs. So with new partners in aural crime ear brutalization namely T-Roll on guitarz and Krilz on bazz, new chunk of dicksmoking eardrilling spremwasting trakkz was recorded. It started with new anthem for 2006 "Be Fuked" and ended with "Porn Pulp", all in all 8 brutalizing assaults. Grindhead Records from Australia offered to release it as a split CD with Italian porn-gore grinders PUTRID WHORE called "Drufuked & Pornified" and this
hallucinating slab of pure madness is about to see the day in August 2007, one year after it's final completion.
Meanwhile sick sonic substances were meant to flow further on... after some period of hallucinative hybernation EYETOFUK began to work on new tracks in 2007. First of all came a hypercatchy porn-grind growl-a-long "Fukeye Slutz", then spewing "Klitophagic Ketamine Absorption" featuring godly Asia Argento samples saw EYETOFUK taking it's most bizzare/psychedelic/industrial turn. In spring of 2007 Xlip invloved guitar molester RaiKer to lay down some riffz which were mangled into 2 freshest cumz: "Orgiastic Human Incubators" and sharp "Artificial Whore".
Now having the solid line-up made of the best Lithuanian metal players EYETOFUK molds them into it's own unique ELECTROPORNSCUMGRIND aural drug drug drug that'll come out as a 2nd tendelry titled demo "Just FukFukFuk Off" released on spooky 3" CD-R. Coinciding with a "Drufuked & Pornified" split CD this will drill some new brainholes in those willing to risk and listen. Beware: if you dare to play it, PLAY IT FUKING LOUD!!!

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